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The French Academie
 Call us at: (415) 456-2645
Learn the beautiful language of France!  The French Academie teaches through interactive games, skits and by learning songs.  You will learn to converse quickly, be able to place an order at restaurants and converse with storekeepers.  
The French Academie offers a wide variety of classes for adults and children.  

Children (All levels and ages)

  • Tutoring (private or group)
  • Lessons for Homeschoolers
  • Skype Lessons
  • SAT Prep
  • CNED
  • Interactive Courses
  • Assistance with French immersion groups in Provence
  • I have taught students from Redwood High School, San Domenico, Drew School, St. Ignatius, Urban and Branson School

Adults (All levels and ages)

  • Tutoring (private or group)
  • Interactive Conversations and Native Slang
  • French for Travelers - Personal or Job Related (pilots, lawyers)


  • Itinerary Suggestions
  • Airline and Flight Suggestions